Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

The NJ Organization Development Learning Community is proud of the wonderful volunteers who have contributed many hours to establish this organization and continue its work.  

The investment former and current volunteer continue to make in support of Organization Development in the State of New Jersey  has brought national attention to our business and academic institutions as well as to the contribution made by experienced professional dedicated to support and expand the field.  It is on the shoulders of these talented folk that we will continue to work and share the wealth of knowledge in the NJOD and it is with our thanks that we continue.

NJOD Learning Community: Connecting the dots between capabilities and solutions

Our mission is to advance our practices of organization development by sharing our knowledge, learning from one another, and building relationships with colleagues. By sharing knowledge freely, we build and strengthen our community. As a free, all-volunteer learning community, it is the relationships we have with one another that determines our growth and success. By giving back to our community we strengthen ourselves and each other.

Our vision is a united, energized, and mobilized OD community focusing on improving our practices, strengthening our research, and advancing the future of our profession

NJOD Learning Community leadership and volunteers of the  are dedicated to maintaining the commitment to sharing and developing the field studies supporting organization development, as established by NJOD founding members.