ASD 2015 Well-Received!

ASD 2015 Well-Received!

ASD 2015 was a full day of thought-sharing and discussion on the current applications of Organization Development in today’s business and industry. Visit our website Library to download slide decks contributed by program presenters, listed in alphabetical order by the last name of the main speaker.

In anticipation of ASD 2016, new programs and presentations are already under consideration. Please review the 2015 agenda, speakers and program as foundation for next year.  The NJOD needs volunteers: let us know if you have ideas to share or would like to become an active volunteer with the NJOD by sending a note to

NJOD ASD 2015 – Presenter Titles, Topics and Bios

SUNRISE SESSION: 7:30 am – 8:15 am

SusanJoy Grieco

The Magic of Authentic Relationships: A Simple Strategy to Ignite Communication, Growth, Creativity and Fulfillment in Individuals, Organizations and Teams

 In this interactive session, you will learn how to truly inspire the people around you, know for sure what makes your employees, managers, leaders and clients “tick”, be aware of the latest technology and have a proven Strategy. It will illuminate the question “Why do people do the things they do?” And most important “How can we as leaders in the Learning Community light the way to better Strategic business choices, increased work satisfaction and rich, rewarding relationships?”

SusanJoy Grieco is an experienced Strategic Relationship Coach, published Author-Writer and engaging speaker. A Villanova University grad, with deep business and interpersonal-energetics experience. SusanJoy is committed to teaching the skills for fulfilling relationships today and for future generations to come.


Connie Palmer

Naming the Elephant: Change, Loss and Grief in an Organization

Participants will learn how to name and talk about the elephant in the organization’s culture: change, loss and grief. The impact of individual and organizational loss will be discussed with participants being invited to  share specific examples from their experiences. Participants will identify and practice tools to address and provide support for those who are coping with any type of loss in the workplace.

     Connie Palmer is a licensed clinical social worker, an experienced teacher, therapist and school counselor  with more than thirty years of experiencing change in organizations. She presents seminars on various topics: grief and loss, resilience, shame, parenting, anti-bullying, depression and anxiety. Connie is the Clinical Director of Training for Imagine, A Center for Coping with Loss. Member of the Association of Death  Education and Counseling, the National Alliance for Grieving Children and the National Association of Social Workers.


Terri McNicol

The Aesthetics of Becoming Wise in the Classical Chinese Tradition

For millennia, the teaching of Confucius was the political norm within traditional China and beyond. The adaptability of this complex system required becoming a junzi ‘sagely manager’ through self-cultivation including brush arts. Using examples of paintings by scholar-bureaucrats, this session illustrates the hallmarks of the ‘Sage’—wisdom, creativity, innovation. This historical, cross-cultural examination from classical China aims to stimulate discussion of holistic approaches to wise management that focus on individual as well as group action.

Terri McNichol, President, Ren Associates, Vice-President, Princeton Research Forum, is an award-winning artist/Asian art historian/educator/developer of imaginement™. She has presented at international management conferences, most recently at “Wise Management in Organisational Complexity Conference” hosted by CEIBS, in Shanghai, China, PRC, 2012. She has also contributed book chapters to Advances in Appreciative Inquiry- Positive Design and Appreciative Construction: From Sustainable Development to Sustainable Value v.3, Thatchenkery, Cooperrider, Avital eds; The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook, Wirtenberg, Russell, Lipsky, eds.


NJOD Welcome, Morning Keynote Speaker: 8:30 am – 10:00 am

Brian McNamar and Howard Guttman

Novartis OTC: Sustaining a High-Performance Turnaround: Find out how McNamara, in partnership with Howard M. Guttman, principal of Guttman Development Strategies, helped turn the Novartis OTC division into a high-performance, horizontal competitive force, an industry standout, and one of the fastest growing top ten OTC companies in the world.  Read more


SESSION A: 10:15 am – 11:05 am

Catherine Mercer Bing 

Beyond Team Building: Analyzing Cultural Root Causes of issues for Global Teams

 This interactive session is intended to help participants analyze the causes of team issues. Activities during the session will include:

    • participant analysis of actual team issues
    • discussion on how each issue may be driven by a lack of cultural understanding
    • design team leader “performance language” for team members with hierarchical and/or need for certainty orientation
    • discussion about how to mitigate or consult with team leaders about how to handle team issues

 Catherine Bing is the Managing Director of ITAP Americans and CEO of ITAP International Inc. and its Global Consulting Group. She has worked with partners in: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, India, Ireland, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the UK, and has authored Many Cultures, One Team (publication date 2015). Catherine has a BS (Drexel University) and MA (Rider University) and has taught Marketing/Communications.


Nataliya V. Adelson and Nadine Augusta

Future Workplace and Emerging Talent Strategies for Tying Women’s Leadership to Competitive Advantage 

Women’s leadership is a global business issue that has economic implications for the financial industry. From quality of decision making to risk management, female talent is changing the future of work. During this interactive session, the participants will learn about the role of diversity and inclusion talent strategy as it relates to approaches to advancing women’s leadership at all levels of the organization.

 Nataliya Adelson’s primary focus is on accelerated leadership and executive development in a global context. In her current role at DTCC, Adelson leads Leadership Development, including programs for High Potential employees. She is also responsible for the global mentoring program, assessments and executive coaching practices.

Nadine Augusta leads Global Diversity and Inclusion and CSR for The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) by setting the global agenda, establishing the infrastructure, and fostering strategic relationships. With over 20 years of experience in financial services, Augusta held positions as a Senior Vice President for Global Diversity and Inclusion for Bank of America and before that with Credit Suisse, BearingPoint LLC/KPMG Consulting LLC, and Pershing LLC.


Edward Franzone

Accelerating the Development of Early-Career High Potentials

 Identifying and developing potential early-in-career is critical to feeding your leadership pipeline. By attending this session, you will benefit from hearing about this leader’s desired outcomes, success measures and lessons learned.

 Learn from this successful case study how to:

  • Communicate the business case for earlier high-potential development
  • Engage senior leader sponsorship and participation
  • Create a cutting-edge design that includes mentoring, social responsibility,
  • action learning, critical skill development and social networkingEd Franzone is Senior Director, Worldwide Learning and Development at BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), an organization with 30,000 employees in over 50 countries.  In this role, he is responsible for creating BD’s worldwide learning strategy and leading BD University. Prior to joining BD, Ed was Corporate Vice President, Leadership Development at UBS Financial Services.   Ed earned an MBA in finance from St. John’s University and an MA in organizational development from Fielding Graduate Institute.


Supriya Desai

Best Practices in Reorganizations: Going Beyond the Organization Chart

In the last several years, particularly with the resurgence of M&A activity, reorganizations (“organizational restructuring,” “re-architecting”) have once again become standard operating procedure for companies around the world. The best practices presented in this session can be applied to generate real and lasting success with a major reorganization.

Among multiple examples used, several may be from the case study of an ultimately successful organizational transformation within a “big four” professional services firm.

 Supriya Desai is Founding Principal of ASC* Advisory (*About Strategic Change) and has 18+ years’ experience with strategy execution and transformation. She has led complex efforts for companies like PwC, AIG, J&J and Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, including enterprise wide process improvement, reorganizations, and technology-heavy global transformations. Supriya earned an MBA from Darden and BS in Hospitality from Boston University. She is a professionally certified Leadership Coach, Change Leader and Six Sigma Master Black Belt.


Natasha Velikoseleky

Learning Organization: Best Practices for Building and Leveraging Robust Learning Communities in the Workplace

 The importance of organizational learning agility has been increasing over the recent years, particularly in light of the ever-growing ambiguity and volatility of the modern business context. Join our session to discuss benefits of reinforcing organizational learning and establishing robust learning communities in the workplace. We will consider examples and case studies, share best practices and impact on business. We will also discuss challenges and barriers to organizational learning, and potential solutions.

 As a Leadership Development Strategist and a Certified Executive Coach, Natasha Velikoselskiy builds on a successful business background and strong academic foundations to help leaders achieve their business and professional development goals and realize their full potential.

In her current role with Janssen, Natasha draws on her experience in sales, training and sales management as well as her educational background in Organizational Psychology to deliver relevant, practical and effective leadership development solutions for the sales leaders.


PANEL DISCUSSION: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Diversity & Inclusion Panel Discussion  Members:                                                                        

  • Karen Sweeney, Sr. VP Diversity, Inclusion and Community for Turner Construction Cor.
  • Ed McFalls, AVP,  Human Resources & Diversity, BNSF Railway
  • Rhonda Bolton, Esq., KIA Motors.
  • Ryan McDay, Head of Diversity and Inclusion,  Bayer U.S..

Moderator: Dr. Lucille Maddalena

Gender Bias: When, where and how it influences leadership success—examples of how to get on the operational track from four corporate leaders

The team will discuss how to create a company-wide diversity model including survey/assessment tools to identify gaps and the process of managing and monitoring progress. Sharing experiences in the development of strategy to address and close gaps, comparing an organically evolution vs corporate mandate with deeper fives for anecdotal vs empirical feedback.In addition to dicussion methods of implementation and pilot as well as test strategies, the team will focus on how to get traction and implement a follow-up plan for continuous improvement. Read more


SESSION B 11:15 am – 12:05 am

Lynne Putz

Harnessing the Power of Diverse and Dispersed Global Teams: an Organizational Development perspective

This session will engage the group in discussion on the better practices of working in dispersed and diverse team structures. Through lecture, discussion, role play and assessment result analysis, participants will gain insights to help their organization maximize these team structures, helping leaders thrive in this new environment, and ensuring the diversity of ideation and innovation is fostered to keep pace with industry.

 Lynne Putz, M.A., SPHR, serves as TMC’s Director of Solutions.  Lynne and her team focus on growing client relationships by helping them develop their talent to execute on their global business strategies through the design and implementation of customized workshops, certifications, online learning platforms and innovative consultative solutions. Lynne has lived and worked on 3 continents plus 1 island, co-authored TMC’s 6th Edition of the Cultural Orientations Guide, and is a regular industry contributor.


Ilean Galloway and Scott Mason

It’s Your Career – Own It! A Best Practices Look at Career Development

Encouraging employees to focus on career development can be a scary proposition for many companies who wonder, “How can I support career exploration while also retaining my employees? What if career development discussions leads to requests for promotion or something else I can’t deliver?   This workshop will highlight research, best practices and stories of a powerful Career Development effort that has led to better retention and stronger employee engagement at Eisai.

 Ilean Galloway has over 20 years of experience in the practice of human and organization development in medium to large size companies. Ilean serves as the Senior Director of Organization Development for Eisai Inc., the U.S. pharmaceutical subsidiary of Tokyo-based Eisai Co., Ltd. In this role, she is responsible for creating and operationalizing Eisai’s organizational effectiveness and talent development strategies. Ilean’s doctoral research explored the interplay between work-related stress, positive emotions, and resilience in the workplace.

Scott Mason has worked for over twenty years in the field of leadership development, talent development and corporate consulting. Scott is an Executive Director of Client Services for BlessingWhite, Inc., an international training and consulting firm specializing in leadership and employee development.   In this role Scott works with clients as a coach, facilitator, consultant and thought leader in personal and professional development, employee engagement and talent management.


Debra Williams and Cheryl P Grayson

Beyond the Brainstorm: Driving Innovation within Individuals and Organizations

Participants will be introduced to a Creative Problem Solving Process (CPS) technique pioneered by creativity genius Alex Osborn (the “O” of BBDO ad agency) and Sid Parnes (professor, University at Buffalo), that is applicable to any creative problem solving situation.

 Through a series of highly interactive, and entertaining, exercises, participants will practice tools and techniques that will aid them in their own creative efforts, as well as those of their client population.

DEBRA WILLIAMS is an expert in strategic facilitation and Creative Problem Solving (CPS) methodology, focused on helping individuals, teams and organizations think differently and solve problems more effectively. She lends her expertise to organizations in financial, cable, health care, higher education and a variety of non-profit organizations. She holds a Bachelor degree from Cornell University, and a Masters in Educational Theater from New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development.

CHERYL P GRAYSON possesses over 30 years of Organizational Development consulting experience in industries such as Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, ”Start-Ups”, Entertainment, Accounting, Education, and not-for-profit. Cheryl takes pride in designing learning that is engaging, relevant, thought-provoking, and FUN, to help participants achieve their goals for attending her workshops. She has designed hundreds of modules to increase participants’ creativity and personal effectiveness. Cheryl is currently the Director of Leadership and Professional Development at Covidien.


Michael Williams, Ph.D. and Joseph Youngblood, II, Ph.D., J.D.

Mental Illness and Workplace Productivity: The 21st Century Threat to Organizational Sustainability.

 Increasingly, mental illness is being recognized as a critical workplace condition influencing organizational productivity and sustainability. Organizational development and human resource management professionals skilled at identifying the presence and influence of mental illness in organizations can be more effective in their practice and valuable to leadership. This session provides an overview of the psychodynamic model of mental illness, workplace legislation and employer orientations and 3 strategies for identifying and assessing mental illness in the workplace.

 Dr. Michael Williams, Dean of the School of Business and Management at Thomas Edison State College earned a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, MS in Human Resource Management from Fordham University.

 Dr. Joseph Youngblood, II Vice Provost and Charter Dean of the John S. Watson School of Public Service and Continuing Studies at Thomas Edison State College received a J.D. from the University of Iowa College of Law and a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania.


Candida Marques

Your Global Leadership Persona™ and Why You Need One

Participants will learn the various mind-sets that hinder their ability to lead effectively in a global work world

They will walk away with a better understanding of their own culture, they will be able to compare and contrast their own culture with that of a new culture, so that they may be able to work successfully in various global settings.

 Candida Marques, CEO of Global Arrival, LLC, a consultancy that helps senior leaders acclimate quickly to, and lead effectively in, foreign countries. In particular, Candida helps leaders find their “Global Leadership Persona™,” which enables them to bring the best of their native intelligence to a foreign culture, while leading in a way that creates respect and loyalty among those they lead. Her clients include leaders in BASF, Bristol Myers Squibb, Coca-Cola, Covance, Factiva/Dow Jones, and Reckitt Benckiser.


AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: 1:00 pm – 2:15 pm

Geoff Bellman
If I Knew Then What I Know Now: Geoff will ask you to step back from work and life to consider the differences you are making in yourself and in the world. He will offer samples from his own experiences, while you and others discuss your work, your approaches to it, and the meaning you have found in it over the years. Read more


PANEL DISCUSSION: 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Executive Panel Discussion

  • Executive Panel:
    Eric Hieger – ADP,
  • Dan Myers -Starz Entertainment,
  • Padma Thiruvengadam – Integra Life Sciences,
  • Wendy Branche, Tyco.

Views from the top: Open dialogue around today’s organizational dilemmas: Executives will authentically and personally share points of view and situational examples of what works and what does not.The art of this session will be in the dialogue, involvement of the audience, and facilitation.


SESSION C: 4:10 pm – 5:10 pm

 Pamela Jennings and Mary Kingsley

 Making Change Leadership Viral

We will share ADP’s approach to developing Change Leadership competence and practice in everyday associates on key projects without the benefit of a Change Management Office (CMO) or Center of Excellence (COE). We will explore how the Change Champion model is putting change expertise in the hands of the business and how the use of social media is at the center of the ADP movement to ‘Simplify, Innovate, and Grow!’

 Pam Jennings is the Director of Change Leadership and Mary Kingsley is the Manager of Learning Solutions within the ADP Global Talent & Learning group. Together they are responsible for delivering the ADP Change Leadership framework and Change Management methodology to individuals and teams leading large-scale change as part the ADP movement to ‘Simplify, Innovate, and Grow!’


 Julia Urbanchuk

 Translating OD Theory & Methods into Real World Practice

 Several case studies will be presented where one or more OD theories/methods were applied. Participants will have the opportunity to share theories and methods, and receive peer coaching on how to apply OD theory/methods to a current challenge they are facing.  Cases will include, for example:

  • What was the OD theory / method?
  • How was it applied?
  • How did it help lead to successful outcomes?
  • What could be done differently “next time”?Julia Urbanchuk is an Organization Development Practitioner with 20+ years experience in the field of human and organization performance. Currently, she is Senior Director, Learning & Organization Development at eBay Enterprise.  Julia holds a Bachelors degree in Communications from Villanova University, a Masters of Science in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania, and a certificate from the Universidad de Cádiz in Spain. She is a certified Change Agent in the Change Execution Methodology; OD methods, Lean, and Six Sigma.


Jeana Wirtenberg and Elena Feliz

Designing a New Landscape for OD: Introducing a New Model for Co-Creating Organizations that Thrive and Flourish.

Learn best practices in building a culture for sustainability through employee engagement from leading companies, such as Alcatel-Lucent, Alcoa, BASF, Church & Dwight, Ingersoll Rand, Sanofi, and Wyndham Worldwide. And then apply learnings by participating in an innovative laboratory to discover the essential elements of a “living organization.” Begin to create your own living organization, roadmap and narrative to help influence the shift of mindsets and engage top leadership’s commitment

Jeana Wirtenberg is an OD/HR scholar-practitioner well-known for her writings on the human side of sustainability. Her most recent book is, Building a Culture for Sustainability: People, Planet, and Profits in a New Green Economy. She is President & CEO of Transitioning to Green. Jeana is co-founder of the Institute for Sustainable Enterprise at Fairleigh Dickinson University, serves on the “OD Collaborative for a Flourishing World” leadership team, teaches the Bard’s MBA in Sustainability program, and is writer/editor.

Elena Feliz, is a Senior Consultant, blogger and researcher for WIN INSIGHTS, a diversity and inclusion company. She has helped create high performing individuals, teams and organizations for over 25 years. She has an M.S. from American University in Washington, D.C. and is a member of National Training Laboratories (NTL). She is on the Leadership Team for The OD Collaborative for a Flourishing World. Elena has served as a Board member for the Organization Development Network (ODN).










This year the ASD event opens with an powerful presentation describing changes at Novartis, one of the country’s premier pharmaceutical firms.  Novartis OTC head, Brian McNamara joins with Howard Guttman of Guttman Development Strategies, in a Keynote presentation: Novartis OTC: Sustaining a High-Performance Turnaround.

At least fifteen presentations will be held throughout the day on topics describing the varied applications of OD in the field.  Presenters will be listed here as final confirmation is made.

In addition, two panel presentations are planned for the day as well as an afternoon Speaker and our famous networking lunch.  As always, the ASD will end with a networking hour in the Ramada’s newly redesigned restaurant.

The morning panel presentation is titled Gender Bias: When, where and how it influences leadership success—examples of how to get on the operational track from four corporate leaders.  Three corporate leaders are currently confirmed,  representing the automotive, construction,  and rail transportation industries will share their insight, perspective and experience:

  • Karen Sweeney, Turner Construction, SVP Diversity, Inclusion and Community
  • Rhonda Boulton, Esq.,  Kia Motors, Head of Corporate Diversity Initiatives
  • Ed McFalls, BNSF Railway, AVP Human Resources and Diversity

Because of the number of wonderful presenters and topics to present during the NJOD, scheduling is difficult.  For example during the morning panel presentation on Gender Bias, there will be an overlap of Presentations during the same time.  Attendees are encouraged to select their schedule with care and courtesy for the speakers, to minimize disruption when entering a program in progress.

Following a networking lunch, popular speak Geoff Bellman has been asked to once again address the NJOD audience to share his experiences in the field. Read a description of this thought provoking session and learn more about Geoff’s experience by clicking here: Bellman.   Author of the bestselling book GETTING THINGS DONE WHEN YOU ARE NOT IN CHARGE, Bellman will be available to meet personally with ASD attendees and his article “If I knew then” is available for download from this weblog’s Library.

The afternoon panel presentation by an EXECUTIVE PANEL is soon to be finalized and details will be announced here.

Registration for ASD 2015 will open March 1.  Don’t miss this exciting day!

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