Using the NJOD Library

Using the NJOD Library

The NJOD is pleased to make available to all members white papers and slide presentations as offered by speakers presenting during NJOD Monthly Meetings and during the Annual Sharing Day as well as Annual Learning Day. Filed alphabetically by the last name of the speaker, you can locate an article using the SEARCH engine by inserting an author’s name, presentation title or date of the presentation such as ‘NJOD ASD 2015′ into the SEARCH BLOCK at the top of each page.

You are welcome to download all materials posted or submit articles articles, slide decks, research and reference materials included here.  If you have presented at an NJOD function, program participants will appreciate reviewing your materials. All NJOD presenters are invited to post your materials by following the steps below.

Included here are articles and slide decks on current topics of interest to professionals in Organization Development, Talent and Human Resource Management.  This materials provides practical application as well as empirical studies and best practices in Learning, Change Processes, Management, Systems, Communications, Interpersonal Dynamics… and the many fields that contribute to the continual growth of our profession.

We sincerely thank the authors and speakers represented here who are supporting the NJOD Learning Community. NJOD members are invited to share the knowledge with respect for the copyright laws and recognition of the author’s contribution.

Steps to Submit to the NJOD Weblog Library

All documents must be approved the NJOD Communications Committee prior to posting.  Please send submissions to Dr. Lucille Maddalena, complying with the following formatting:

Please follow these steps to submit a document for posting on the NJOD weblog,

  1. Prepare to email your document in .pdf format.

    • All submitted documents must be the slide deck, presentation materials or handouts from your presentation at an NJOD function.
    • Only .pdf versions of documents displayed or distributed at a scheduled NJOD function will be accepted.  The document must be saved and submitted in .pdf format and be less than 20mb.
  2. Include the words “NJOD Library Submission” in the subject line of the email.
  3. Provide the following information in the email:
    • A list of all of the authors of the document (n.b.: The document will be filed under the last name of the first author listed)
    • The Title of the Document
    • The date and location  of the NJOD event at which the material was presented

Important Statement of Agreement – By submitting the document to the NJOD you are agreeing with the following;

  • All information provided is accurate.
  • The authors of this article agree to permit the submitted document to be displayed on the NJOD weblog,,  for free download by anyone visiting that site, waving all compensation and control over distribution of the document