Meeting & Events

Meeting & Events


The NJOD Learning Community is continuing to offer the opportunity for professionals to learn current techniques and approaches to Organization Development.  Our Monthly Meetings have received national acclaim for the quality of presenters and because each and every event is available free to our members, thanks to the support of our Learning Community.

In addition, due to the popularity of first Annual Learning Day in 2014, NJOD volunteers are beginning to work on the second Annual Learning Day in the fall of 2015.  Please check this site and look for our emails to learn when events are scheduled.

To attend an event you must be a member of the NJOD.  Membership is free: send your contact information to

NJOD Learning Community:  Connecting the dots between capabilities and solutions.

New NJOD presenters are always welcome!

Do you have an OD-related topic or experience to share with colleagues at an NJOD  Monthly Meeting, at the ALD or ASD?

Proposals from a corporate and independent professional to offer a joint presentation should be sent to NJOD President Tara Seager (  Each function has its own Program Committee to review submissions.  All proposals will be evaluated for content and variety of subject matter.  Submission must include contact information for the potential speakers, a suggested title and outline for a 1 or 2-hour presentation. For monthly meetings, it is recommended that you propose a cost-free location for the event with seating for 100 guests.