ALD Speaker Articles

ALD Speaker Articles

If you missed Annual Learning Day 2014 (ALD), check out the NJOD website Library!

Speakers and presenters from the November 2014 event have posted their slide decks along with the presentations from previous  session at events such as the  Annual Sharing Day and the NJOD Monthly Meetings.

You are welcome to browse through the Library and download any of the materials listed without charge. To see the names of the ALD presenters,click  the ALD Agenda to review the presentation titles and speaker names.

Documents in the NJOD Library are filed by authors:  Authors A-M and  Authors N-Z.

All NJOD speakers are welcome to submit materials presented at an NJOD function. For guidelines, click  How to submit

Articles and presentations submitted are reviewed by the NJOD Communication Committee.For questions, send an email to   Dr. Lucille Maddalena at, with NJOD LIBRARY in the subject line.