Photo of NJOD members at Colgate-Palmolive

Photo of NJOD members at Colgate-Palmolive

Great turnout at Colgate-Palmolive Technology site in Piscataway for NJOD’s September Monthly Meeting:


The NJOD Learning Community held the first Monthly Meeting for fall 2011 by introducing a new format, recognized speakers and greater involvement by the NJOD Learning Community.

The morning event was hosted by Colgate-Palmolive at its River Road, Piscataway facility.  Mary Beth Robles, Vice President Innovation Capabilities and Knowledge Systems for Colgate-Palmolive opened the presentation. Colgate-Palmolive donated a gift for the business card drawing as well a gift bags for all attendees.

In addition, Colgate-Palmolive’s’ professional photographer was on-hand to take a group photo of the audience and speakers. Although many had left the site at the meeting conclusion, enough people remained to fill the grand staircase at the entrance to the beautiful Colgate-Palmolive office. 

The TRANSITION TO LEADERSHIP program for the morning was introduced by Peter McHale, Senior Vice President, Research & Development US for  Chanel.  Mr. McHale shared his observations, perspective  and knowledge of leadership development, offering insight and answering the audience’s quesitons

Elaine Steiner, Learning and Developmentat Chanel, worked with Dr. Lucille Maddalena, Maddalena Transitions Management, to describe the 180 day pilot program of group and self-coaching to promote leadership development and culture change at Chanel.

The NJOD hosted its first Business Card drawing with donated prices, including a book published by Chris Bell, who will speak at NJOD’s ASD 2012:

  • David Brinkerhoff, Abbott Smith donated a copy of Chris Bell’s new book, WIRED AND DANGEROUS.
  • Dr. Maddalena, Maddalena Transitions Management,  donated a copy of Peter Senge’s classic THE FIFTH DISCIPLINE FIELDBOOK
  • Elaine Steiner,  Chanel provided several gift sets.
  • Mary Beth Robeles, Colgate-Palmolive provided a travel bag filled with Colgate-Palmolive products.

NJOD members will be taken through the 180 day initiative designed to unite two departments, establish a leadership development process, and serve as a pilot for a company-wide effort:.

 “Uniting learning and development with cultural change, TRANSITION TO LEADERSHIP  serves as an Organization Development intervention designed to build bridges across function areas and support the critical role of a leader at Chanel USA” –L. Maddalena

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